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About Us

KnM Properties offer an integrated consulting guidance in the field of Real Estate through an exclusive portfolio with first class Properties in the Greek Market.

Our knowledge and experience in a market with a constant update aims to provide a long term stability by managing each property selection as a unique investment opportunity.

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7 Agion Anargiron str.

Maroussi, 15124, Greece

+30 211 4016 916, +30 6972 127959

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Find us !

7 Agion Anargiron str.

Maroussi, 15124, Greece

+30 211 4016 916, +30 6972 127959

Over 100 Villas in the beautiful island of Crete.
Exclusive Villas for Sale and Rental for all budgets. Discover the beauty of the island
and live your myth along tradition and Crete’s natural beauty.

Contact our experience team to assist you with your demand.
We can further fully manage and maintain your property for the time being away.

- Luxury Villa in Rethymno
- Luxury Villa in Chania
- Summer houses in Rethymno (from 150.000euros)

More houses like this?
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Having always been the state of the art in the Mediterranean Region, Mykonos
offer top class luxury villas and a unique investment opportunity with an always high return of investment though rental management.

Our team can further assist you through a wide portfolio with Freehold as well as Leasehold options.
Select the house of your dream and we will make sure that your investment will return a high yield income for the time being away.

Luxury Villa, Elia Mykonos (MK-001)
Luxury Villa, Elia Mykonos (MK-002)

Complex of 13 Villas, 19million euros
Complex of 15 Villas, 39million euros

More Freehold opportunities?

Please contact us at:
South Suburbs
North Suburbs
Athens Center – Kolonaki
Flat hunting on demand

Contact our experience team to assist you with your demand
E-mail us at:
Greece has over 160 islands as well as several sea side and not only across mainland destinations.

With numerous mechanic partnerships as well as a continuous updating portfolio we can always assist you with several proposals in all popular destinations.

This normally includes the followings but with our team we can really take you everywhere including:

Corfu Island, Ionion Sea
Chalkidi, Northern Part of Greece

Andros Island, 1 hour by boat from Rafina Port, Athens
Aegina Island, 1 hour by boat
With over 300 days of sunshine across the county and one of the greatest monuments ever
in the center of Athens, investing in Greece and in the Hotel industry had always been attractive for foreign and domestic investors.

With all size hotels in all major destinations including Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Chalkidiki as well as Mykonos and Santorini
far well-known from their exclusive top name visitors our hotel portfolio can definitely meet the standards of all level of investment.

Beach Resorts (27)
Medium Size Hotels (8)
Athens City Hotels (12)
Boutique Hotels (14)

Crete Beach Resort 600rooms, 58m
Crete Beach Resort 45m
Crete Beach Resort 25m
Crete Boutique Hotel 4,6m
Crete Boutique Hotel 2,9m
Crete Hotel by the sea 1m
Santorini Beach Resort
Santorini Boutique Hotel
Mykonos Boutique Hotel
Chalkidiki Boutique Hotel
Corfu Beach Resort 650 rooms, 70m
Corfu Beach Resort 60m
Corfu Beach Resort 55m (Sold)
Corfu Beach Resort 41m
Corfu Boutique Hotel 9m
Corfu Boutique Hotel 8m
Cyclades Unique Boutique Hotel
Rhodes Beach Resort
Rhodes Beach Resort 45m (Sold)
Zante Beach Resort 40m
Katerini Beach Resort 40m
Athens Broader Region 35m
Athens Saronic Gulf 4,3m
Evia, Eretria Beach Resort
Athens City Hotel 80m
Athens City Hotel 75m
Athens City Hotel 55m
Athens City Hotel 45m
Athens City Hotel 18m
Athens City Hotel 9m
Athens City Hotel 3m
Development Projects are always attractive allowing the investing part to shape its project accordingly.
Our Team can assist on this from A-Z including construction development, legal and tax consulting, full project management
and full loan funding with corporate financial institutions and private funds.

Contact our experience team to discuss on all our investment development projects.

North Crete 600 stremma – Full project study available

South Crete 390 stremma - Technical study available
South Crete 270 stremma
South Crete 160 stremma
South Crete 68 stremma

Santorini 49 stremma
Santorini 63 stremma

Skiathos 530 stremma – Technical study available
Skiathos 110 stremma
Naxos 180 stremma - Full project available

Evia 5053 stremma – Full project available

Meganisi, Ionion sea 46 stremma
Andros – 180 stremma
Samos – 131 stremma
Kalamata, Peloponnesus 318 stremma

Private island 15m
With our civil & mechanic engineers we can simply make any project happen.

Our service briefly includes all steps such as

Architectural design
Technical study
Full construction development
Renovation project
Interior Design projects
Soft Facility Management

- Catering & events services
- Cleaning & hygiene services
- Recycling & waste management
- Security & electronic surveillance
- Environmental services, pest control & fumigation
- Laundry services
- Oil tank cleaning
- Vending services
- Reception services
- Gardening services
- Winter management service

Hard Facility

- Technical maintenance
- Project administration
- Project support
- Renovation Projects
- Hotel Management
Our company provides several other service from A-Z

- Property Valuation
- Project Management
- Due Diligence
- Technical due diligence
- Feasibility Study
- Project Management
- Hotel Management
- Asset Management
- Loan Funding 100% A-Z
- Opening of Bank Accounts (Switzerland, Luxemburg, Dubai, United States)
- Off Shore companies
- Tax advice
- Legal Consulting
- EU citizenship Visa
- EU Family Visa
- EU Travel Visa